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[Feb 13 2010] Chinese new year (year of tiger)

With the recently implemented JSONP support in the Habitat engine, I was finally able to build a "live" research homepage from the read-only center web space . Some of the "old" news in the past year are posted below.

[Jan 26 2010] GPU Ocelot support added to MCX

Ocelot is an open-source PTX emulator developed by Greg Diamos and his colleagues. A makefile is added to MCX SVN to enable linking against libocelot and execution on CPU. Unfortunately, Ocelot emulation is very slow, this is expected to be improved significantly by the coming PTX-LLVM translator.

[Dec 22 2009] MCX 0.2 final is released

The GPU-accelerated open-source Monte Carlo simulation software, Monte Carlo eXtreme (MCX), v0.2 final is now released. Pre-compiled binaries for multiple platforms as well as the full source code can be downloaded from here. The major updates include an addition of a cross-platform GUI tool for MCX.

[Oct 21 2009] MCX 0.2 beta released with paper accessible online

Monte Carlo eXtreme (MCX), v0.2 beta, is released for Linux (32/64bit), Windows and Mac OS. The full paper describing this work is now a featured article on the Optics Express website.

[Jul 01 2009] iso2mesh work presented at IEEE ISBI

I presented a poster(PDF 2.5M) at ISBI'2009 and gave an introduction to the open-source iso2mesh 3D mesh generator. More details can be found in this short paper. Thanks to CGAL and a few other developers for their awesome software enabling this toolbox.